Men’s Counselling

While the therapists at Clearview Counselling welcome everyone regardless of gender, we really do enjoy working with men! What we have noticed is that many men struggle to reach out for support. This may be connected to the social pressures and stereotypes many men have experienced around the expression of emotion and the need for support.

We know that men struggle with their mental health too. 

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association 

  • 10% of men experience symptoms of surveyed mental health disorders
  • Four out of five suicides in Canada are male
  • Symptoms of depression are rising among males
  • New fathers are vulnerable to post-partum depression
  • Hormone changes in middle age can have significant impact on the wellbeing of men

We are also aware that

  • Many men are taking on a more active parenting role than in the past
  • Ideas about masculinity are changing in our culture
  • 61% of men report that they have experienced at least one trauma in their lives Statistics for Mental Trauma
  • 1 in 3 people suffering from an eating disorder is male Eating Disorders in Men & Boys
  • 47% of the victims of violence in Canada are men
  • Men who struggle with their anger or are concerned about how their anger impacts the people they love often don’t know where to turn
  • 35% of males experienced maltreatment as a child

We believe that men can often benefit from counselling support that recognizes the unique challenges and pressures men face. Regardless of the issue or experiences that lead you to reach out for counselling, we believe we can help. We will offer you compassionate, caring support that upholds your dignity and creates as safe space to work through your concerns.